Prior to visiting your office I had been seen for several months by a different Chiropractor for severe pain in my neck and upper back. After spending thousands of dollars without getting much relief I was sent to a spinal surgeon for an evaluation. I was told that I needed to have surgery to have vertebrae’s C-6 and C-7 fused together. I’m not a big fan of surgery so I went to my General Practitioner and he put me on steroids to reduce the swelling along with heavy pain medication to help with the pain. After a month of taking the steroids and pain meds I still was not getting any measurable relief from the pain.

Finally, I came to the Ross Wellness Center where I was evaluated and placed on a wellness program that included spinal adjustments and decompressions. After a few visits I could tell that I was definitely moving in the right direction. The decompressions I received after the spinal adjustments created the necessary negative pressure which allowed for the disks to re-hydrate thereby relieving the pressure on the nerves.

In addition to all of the aforementioned, you guided me along a different path for the cleansing of internal organs and the proper types of food to keep my particular system functioning at its peak.

Sincerely, After two months to the day, I feel better than I have in years, I am pain-free and have lost over twenty pounds.

Thank you Dr. Ross for changing my life!!!

David McLeroy

I was referred to Dr. Ross by a co-worker who noticed that my sinuses were really a problem for me. After 5-6 months of my being on antibiotics and many trips to see Specialists, I was told that surgery was my only option.
On my first chiropractic visit with Dr. Ross, he adjusted me and told me To STOP taking the antibiotics and that I would be fine in 3 days. I stopped the antibiotics and in 4 days….I was fine! My body responded perfectly to this one adjustment. I was amazed! I was convinced to continue to visit Dr. Ross for maintenance adjustments. He has taught me through individual counseling and in health classes he has held over the years – that a balanced diet, exercise and good mental health is essential for good living. Dr. Ross has unique and up to date methods to help heal his patients. With his professional help, he has shown me different ways to get over several hurdles in the many years I have been in his Chiropractic Care. My life has been enhanced many times over because of Dr. Ross and his incite to a healthy lifestyle.

I can’t recommend Dr. Ross and his Chiropractic care enough! He is a great professional and a caring Doctor.

Cindy Mission Viejo, California

After knowing Dr. Ross for about 15 years & having him save me from an unnecessary back surgery (2 Dr's had recommended) I knew it was time to see him again when I couldn't get off the couch due to "O" energy level.

I had received blood test results that showed I was a high risk for coronary heat disease. Things were not looking good. After my 1st visit back to see Dr. Ross on October 10, 2004 I received an adjustment and he put me on a "Natural Herbal Cleanse Program" my life took a dramatic change. I now have the energy to walk 3 miles 3 times a week.

Dr. Ross is not just a Chiropractor; he is a man who genuinely cares about your health & well being. He has proven that to me and to other patients I have had the opportunity to meet in his office. You owe it to yourself to live a "healthy life" and Dr. Ross can show you how to do it.

Thank You So Much, Nedra L. Johnson

Dear Dr. Ross,

I wanted to say how appreciative I am that you have completely cured my cholesterol problem with no drugs or magic potions. My family has a history of heart problems and many including my father died of heart attacks. After trying the conventional medicines of Zocor and Lipotor with minimal success at reducing the cholesterol level, but with increasing joint problems, I came to you. Your method of diet and liver flushing seemed to make sense so I followed the rules to the letter. After just two months, not only was my cholesterol back to normal but I had also lost 20 pounds. My GP was so excited at the results that he could not believe the effect the Zocor had had, in fact he said it was the best results he had ever seen. I did not have the heart to tell him that I had stopped taking those drugs months before due to joint problems. One year later my weight is still off and even better, I recently had a retest from the life insurance people, and I was given a clean bill of health where I was previously a T-3 due to my cholesterol problems. I have included copies of my cholesterol results from before your treatment and after the treatment, it still amazes me to see the change. Thank you very much for everything.


Stephen Bick, CFA, CMA - Associate Managing Director Kroll, Inc.

Dear Dr. Ross,

I had a routine blood test for my Life Insurance examination and discovered my Triglycerides were high. I took my results to Dr. Ross and he gave me a simple nutrition program to follow and a Herbal Cleanse program. I really didn't think it was going to work. I never dreamed by changing my diet and doing his cleanse program could really work, but what did I have to lose. The alternative was to take cholesterol lowering drugs, which gradually kill the liver. Dr. Ross said, "Bill this is how young men like you get heart attacks. They don't even know they are at risk until they suddenly drop dead from a heart attack. Then it's too late." He said when I finished the "liver flush" to return to the doctor for follow-up blood work. Dr. Ross the results prove without question your program has saved my life.

My Blood test results in just ONE MONTH:
  • 7-2-02 Triglycerides 185
  • 8-7-02 Triglycerides 66

Bill Vincenty, General Contractor - San Clemente, California

I am Dr. Ross' Miracle Story. For 3 years I suffered severe

sciatic pain. The pain was so severe I could not walk for one weak and not cry. I am now pain free, no more tears, just gratitude for Dr. Ross. Thank You God!

Fryer Joseph Scerbo, Mission San Juan Capistrano, California

For many years I used traditional medicine. After a car accident and using various orthopedics for my back without success. Then I found my way to Dr. Ross. ONE treatment made all the difference. His kindness, care and humor, adds so much value.

Thank You, Kathryn Greggs

I am a new patient who was referred to Dr. Ross. I came in with horrible sciatic nerve pain in my right leg; knee swelling and my period was 52 days late. I told Dr. Ross all my physical ailments. He was very kind and shoed me a diagram of the spine and explained to me how he could help me. I put my trust in him. He made adjustments on me and instantly my sciatic pain went away. I noticed in two days I started my period and was able to bend my knee a little more. I told several people what happened and they were amazed! Thank you Dr. Ross and thank you for the kind staff.

Pam Fernandez, San Clemente, California

Liver Cleanse Testimonials:

Dear Dr. Ross,

Rarely does one see a life-long problem disappear without a trace, but I am writing to share such an experience with you.
I want to thank you for sharing the information on your BodyBest Longevity Herbal Cleanse program, especially the liver flush with me and tell you what a profound affect it has had on my life.

Since as far back as I can remember I suffered with severe seasonal allergies. I remember beginning a daily regimen of prescription drugs from the age of seven to try to combat the symptoms. Unfortunately, the antihistamines were not effective enough to allow me to always breathe normally, and I did experience the side affects of drowsiness as well as other negative results from the drugs. As I aged my allergies only seemed to worsen, with debilitating attacks occurring nearly every week. My work was impacted as well as my social life, and the modern drugs did not even bring total relief.

You told me about a liver cleansing program, which seemed such a simple thing to try after all I had been through.
The first time I did a liver cleanse I was 30 years old. What a dramatic affect it had! I felt better in more ways than I had even hoped for. The allergies were lessened significantly and I gained a much better sense of well being. I noticed that I got several stones out that were plugging up my liver, but did not find a large number eliminated at first.

I did another liver cleanse soon after the first and this time I estimated hundreds of stones were eliminated, some of them quite a bit larger than I had seen before. My allergies were nearly eliminated entirely and I would only have an attack about every two or three months. I was so much happier to be breathing easier, but it was not until this last year that I realized I have not had an attack at all. I am now 34 years old and have probably done seven liver cleanses since you introduced it to me. My last allergy attack was almost a year ago now and I believe I am 100% over that old life-long problem.

Thank you for sharing this powerful truth with me.

Genuinely, Vince Novo

Children Testimonials

Dear Dr. Ross:

Just hearing the word "colic" strikes fear into those parents who have had a baby with the disorder. The inconsolable crying for hours at a time, and the feeling of helplessness while watching your child suffer. My daughter, Taylor, now 3, suffered from infant colic from the age of 4 weeks to 6 months. So, when my second daughter, Zoe, was diagnosed with colic when only 2 weeks old I was devastated! I just couldn't watch her suffer for months, nor could I imagine what effect the endless crying would have on Taylor.

We began with over-the-counter medication and moved on to a plethora of

prescription drugs; waiting with anticipation after each dose for some relief. But Zoe was only getting worse, crying in pain for up to 5 hours at a time. In addition, I felt terribly guilty pumping her tiny body full of drugs when I had worked so hard during the pregnancy to keep her healthy! When we brought our little one to you it was with great skepticism. After all, I knew I had tried everything and didn't dare get my hopes up again.

You performed the MSA (Meridian Stress Assessment) on Zoe through me, and subsequently prescribed natural remedies that Zoe would receive through my breast milk. Within 24 hours her crying had decreased over 20% for the first time in 3 months. I thought it was just a fluke until the crying and extreme fussiness that had become a part of daily life continued to decrease. After only three days she looked up at me and smiled for the first time - pain free! This time my tears were tears of joy at seeing my baby happy and healthy!

I can't thank you enough for helping us. You did in 20 minutes what other doctors and pharmacists were unable to do in three months; treat the cause instead of the symptoms! When Taylor is asked why her little sister finally stopped crying, she answers, "Dr. Ross made Zoe better!" I couldn't agree more!

With deepest admiration,

T. Miller

Dear Dr. Ross:

For the last two 2 years I have been using the 7th Heaven oil daily, and I have not gotten sick during time. When I feel symptoms, like a cold or sore throat coming on, I immediately start using the 7th Heaven every hour and it releases the symptom.
Thank you for your work and commitment to people and the outstanding.
job that you do.

Stacey Hentschel
Laguna Niguel, CA

All I can say is Thank You Dr. Ross for putting so much care and brilliance into your work and your patients. I have suffered with scoliosis all my life and not only have you rid me of many a symptom and pain, but you have also straightened my back incredibly. The larger left side I had, typical of the scoliosis, is almost completely gone and I'm about 1/2" taller.

I am also very grateful for the shoe lifts you suggested and made available. I have one in all of my left shoes and had them build the lift onto my sandals. Before I did that, I could throw my back out just taking a long walk due to my shorter left leg. But since I've had them, I am able to be much more active and hold my adjustments.

Your combination of skill, experience and knowledge has surpassed any and every chiropractor I have ever been to, (and I've been to many) and your treatments have all been extremely effective. My husband also agrees as he has never had such great results with a chiropractor either. He calls you a wizard!

Thank you again for the freedom you've added to my life through your thoughtful and skillful practice.

Suzi Berg