Are Vaccines Killing Your Children?

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Here is the American Academy of Pediatrics Immunization Schedule, January 2002

Birth: Hepatitis B 1 vaccine
1-4 months Hepatitis B 1 vaccine
2 months Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus Polio H. influenzae PCV 6 vaccines
4 months Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus Polio H. influenzae PCV 6 vaccines
6 months Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus H. influenzae PCV 5 vaccines
6-18 months Hepatitis B, Polio 2 vaccines
12-15 months MMR, H. influenzae, PCV 5 vaccines
12-18 months Chickenpox 1 vaccine
15-18 months Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus 3 vaccines

30 vaccines by 18 months of age

4-6 years Diptheria-Pertussis-Tetanus MMR, Polio 7 vaccines
11-16 years Tetanus, diphtheria 2 vaccines
2-18 years PCV 1 vaccine


American Academy of Pediatrics – website:

If you have been enrolled into vaccines, as most parents are then ask yourself this logical question?

If vaccines produces lifetime immunity, why does a child need more than ONE SHOT?

  • 3 separate Hepatitis B vaccines
  • 5 separate DPT vaccines
  • 4 separate Polio vaccines
  • 6 Tetanus vaccines

Does this make any logical sense? You deserve to think about that as you continue to read.

Yes the summer of 2002 is over and the kids are back to school. Everyone is back from vacation and the children are so excited to go back to school they can hardly sleep at night. Ha! Ha! Or maybe it’s the parents that want to get the kids to bed early so the parents can get excited about going to bed?

Anyway, I always get the questions at Ross Wellness about childhood vaccines. The 2002 mandated vaccinations are now up to 40 by the time a child is sixteen years old. Unbelievable! New vaccines are being invented each year.

  • Anthrax vaccine
  • AIDS vaccine
  • Smallpox vaccine


This is a very controversial hyped and super-charged subject medical monopoly, medicine and malice.

This important information could save your child from a lifetime of sickness, disease and even Autism. I’ll give you more on Autism later in this documentary.

Our infant mortality rate is #22 in the world[ii] and health of our children is pathetic: asthma, allergies and autoimmune diseases. At least 10,000 American babies mysteriously die each year with the catch-all diagnosis, Sudden Infant Death syndrome” (SIDS). What is this all about?


Australian researcher Viaer Scheibner, PhD discovered the connection of a 16-day crisis following DPT shots. Her husband had developed a breathing monitor for infants to assist in preventing SIDS. The crisis pattern showed up around the world and it was vigorously suppressed. In Australia however, Scheibner’s unrelenting efforts assisted putting an end to mandatory DPT shots there. [iii] Few countries in the world still mandate it. Sweden halted it in 1979.[iv] Similar sequences happened in Japan, West Germany, Britain, and other European countries. No country has started the vaccine up again. The only country in western Europe with compulsory pertussis vaccination is Iceland. [v]

Several other adverse reactions you deserve to know about from pertussis vaccine are:

  • Hemolytic anemia
  • Diabetes
  • Blood disorders
  • Paralysis
  • Infantile spasms
  • Learning disorders
  • Seizures
  • Drowsiness
  • Epilepsy
  • Allergies and hyperactivity [vi]

Before mass vaccinations, the term SIDS didn’t even exist. The incidence of both infectious [vii] and degenerative diseases is increasing among adult Americans. Ritalin, Prozac, antidepressants, inhalators and obesity is out of control in our schools.

Take asthma as one statistic. Asthma is up 62% in since 1980. More than 5,000 die each year from asthma attacks costing us $14 billion per year to treat. [viii] [ix] Realize this is in an age when antibiotics and vaccines are at an all time high and we’re getting sicker and sicker.

“There is a growing suspicion that immunization against relative harmless childhood diseases may be responsible for the dramatic increase in autoimmune diseases since mass inoculations were introduced… … cancer, leukemia, rheumatoid arthritis, MS, Lou Gehrig’s disease, lupus, and Gullain-Baire’ syndrome.” [x] For spending $1.5 trillion annually on health care, our health doesn’t reflect it.


This is inconceivable. EPA’s ‘safe’ levels of mercury is .1 mcg/kg. Per day. [xi] Dr. Stephanie Cave, MD presented information highlighting Sallie Bernards work on the 15th of September 2000 in a conference in San Diego, California. Dr. Cave showed that with the mandated vaccine list your child will receive 237 micrograms of mercury.

Birth: hepatitis B 12 mcg mercury 30X safe level
4 mo. DPT & hepatitis B 50 mcg mercury 60X safe level
6 mo. Hepatitis B, Polio 62.5 mcg mercury 78X safe level
15 mo. DPT & hepatitis B 50 mcg mercury 60X safe level

237 micrograms of mercury

EPA’s ‘safe’ levels of mercury is .1 mcg/kg. Per day


The mercury in vaccines is in the form of a preservative thimerosal. The infants intestine lining, liver brain and nervous system is still developing and the infant has no protection whatever from poisonous heavy metals like mercury. The mercury from the vaccines cannot be excreted under age 6, because the child cannot yet produce bile from the liver. [xii]

Mercury is the most toxic metal other than the radioactive metals. The Mercury is in thimerosal and is causing the latest epidemic of Autism.

On 6 April 2000, Representative Dan Burton convened the Congressional hearing in which parent after parent told very similar stories – how their normally developing babies had suddenly reversed their development soon after the MMR or the DPT vaccinations. Tragically these little children quickly spiraled downward into the vegetable-like existence of autistic behavior, a condition, which is usually permanent. Happy, bright children suddenly can no longer learn or communicate, or recognize their parents.

These are the same symptoms from Mercury poisoning.

On 2 October 2001, Associated Press ran the story that huge law firms across the country all on the same day filed class action suites in nine states.

Not until 1991 was there any reporting agency for reactions to vaccines. VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effect Reporting System) has been set up by the FDA.



Rep. Dan Burton found financial statements of FDA advisory Board members were “incomplete.” Burton called the Advisory Board’s sweetheart arrangements with the vaccine manufactures a “violation of the public trust.” Yes, 70% of the FDA Advisory Board members own stock in vaccines, own patents on vaccines, and accepting salaries and benefits as employees of the drug companies both before and after their tenure on the FDA Advisory Board. [xiii],[xiv] It gets worse. The FDA staff of 8,000 exerts control over anything that is sold as a food or a drug in the U.S. That covers one out of every four dollars spent in the U.S. [xv] Sound scary. Keep reading.

Hear it from Dr. Herbert Ley, an ex-FDA Commissioner:

“People think the FDA is protecting them. It isn’t. What the FDA is doing and what the people think it’s doing are as … night and day.

First, key individuals on the payroll are able to obtain both power and wealth through granting special favors to certain groups that are subject to its regulation. . . For a price one can induce FDA administrators to provide protection from the FDA itself.

Secondly, … cartel-oriented companies in the food and drug industry are able to use the police powers of government to harass or destroy their free-market competitors.” [xvi]

In September 2000, USA Today ran a series that took a hard look at the FDA. Just a summary of their findings:

- there are over 300 expert advisors on 18 separate advisory committees, making decisions of the approval of drugs and vaccines

- at least 54% of these experts are being paid by the drug manufactures

- since 1998, more than 800 separate conflict of interest waivers have been issued to the various experts

- examples of conflicts: stock ownership, consulting fees, research grants, spouses’ employment and payments for speeches and travel. [xvii]


Since the kids are back in school I’m going to give you your pop quiz for the day. How many drugs does the FDA test each year? Give it your best shot. Come on guess. 10,000? 500? Ready for the answer? NONE! The FDA tests no drugs and no vaccines. They’re just the regulating agency, not a testing agency. Guess where all the information comes from on testing drugs and vaccines? From the drug manufacturer. The FDA relies on the research data provided to them by exact company who will make the profit when it passes through the FDA.


Mandatory administration, backed by legislation. Unless parents sign exemption forms, children must be vaccinated before they get into school. Legislation is controlled by lobbying and the second strongest lobby in Washington is the pharmaceutical industry. Here is the bottom line question: What is going to prevail – Corporate Profits or the health of our children? Let’s ask you the question. If you owned a multi-billion dollar drug company and you could obviously choose to exempt your children, which would you choose? Now you get to decide what you are going to do with this information. Let me tell you if you get to something that you totally doubt, please do two things: One, check my references and two, follow the money.


In discovering truth we must go back to the SOURCE. It all started with Edward Jenner in the late 1700s who had the idea that milkmaids who got a mild disease known as cowpox supposedly didn’t get smallpox. Jenner sucked pus from an infected cowpox pustule on the skin of a milkmaid and injected it into a healthy person with the assumption that it would allow the test subject to develop immunity to the more deadly smallpox. With no proof whatsoever, Jenner deceived the entire medical profession, then and now, into pretending that cowpox was smallpox in cows, which is totally wrong. [xviii], [xix] He then sold to the British Parliament for 30,000 pounds and with the backing of government is now revered science. [xx] Because huge profits were made, Parliament began passing laws to make the vaccine compulsory throughout the British empire and other countries in Europe soon followed. Now few dared to disagree. Here is the crux of the matter today. Dr. Hadwen put it this way: “. . . so strong is the effect of authority, custom, and endowment, and so prone are people to save themselves the trouble of personal investigation by the simple process of accepting the decisions of “the majority” . . . Once an error is accepted by a profession and endowed by Government, to uproot it becomes a Herculean task.” [xxi]

Here is the real kicker. Jenner started it all and he was actually no physician. This fact is hysterical. He never passed a medical exam in his life, completed any course of medical study, or earned a diploma from any medical school. Jenner bought his medical degree from St. Andrew’s College in Scotland for 15 pounds. [xxii],[xxiii]


If vaccines were so great today I would never be telling you any of these things. We always hear about how vaccines have saved us from disease and death. I could show you all the hard statistical numbers, however one statement of authority says it best:

“… the combined death rate of diphtheria, measles, scarlet fever, and whooping cough declined 95% among children ages 1 to 14 from 1911 to 1945, before the mass immunization programs started in the United States.” [xxiv]

Let me first make a clear statement about where I firmly stand on vaccines. I’ll be as real and upfront as I can. I have six children and none of them NEVER EVER got vaccines and all six are happy, healthy and normal children. Well maybe not all normal. Ha! Ha! Kids these days. You know what I mean.

Let me tell you one of the key facts you are completely confused about. People have come to believe Vaccines and Immunization are the SAME. They ARE NOT the same thing at all. Your confusion is no accident. It is how cleaver marketing disguises the real truth. Here are the facts regarding Immunization and vaccines:

  1. True natural immunity only happens after recovering from the actual disease itself. Natural immunity happens only when the organism passes through many of the bodies natural defense systems in the nose, throat and lungs before it ever travels all the way into the blood stream. It is evident that organisms trigger many UNKNOWN biological events, which are essential in building true natural immunity, before it ever reaches deep into the blood stream.
  2. Vaccines cause you to become immune to the disease. NOT TRUE! The popular theory is the immune system operates on the antigen-antibody theory. NOT TRUE!
  3. The fact is in 1972; Dr. Gerald Edelman won a Nobel Prize for discovering hundreds of antibodies are already present at BIRTH, having evolved within the human race for centuries.
  4. Vaccination bypasses all natural immune systems and is injection directly into the blood stream with the assumption that this artificial stimulation of antibody productions has suddenly produced immunity. NOT TRUE as previously documented by Dr. Edleman and the 1972 Nobel Prize.

Several years ago a parent came up to me and got all huffy about my children not being vaccinated, she said, “I don’t want my kids around your kids who haven’t been vaccinated.” I’d look her square in the eyes and say, “If vaccines work and your child is now immune to the diseases, then why are you concerned about my kids, your kids are completely protected, right?” She just stared at me for a minute trying to figure out a come back, then walk away mumbling to herself about how irresponsible I was as a parent and my poor innocent children. I’ll tell you about poor children who have Autism from vaccines. Scarred for the rest of their lives from the DPT vaccine.


Here are the real facts. It takes 1.5 million to get a vaccine on the recommended list. The research is paid by tax dollars that is you and I. Some of the vaccines that make the list make ONE BILLION dollars a year. Now there is multiple law suites against them at about 1.7 million a year paid through WHO, the World Health Organization who is funded by you and I. The drug companies do not pay to develop it, or the lawsuits, however they keep all the profits. Pretty sweet arrangement. How does that work? Well who approves the vaccines is the FDA. The advisory board are all CEO’s of drugs companies and they all sign a personal waiver when they become board members so they cannot be sued personally either. It is full proof protection set-up.

For those interested more in vaccines can order a book:

The sanctity of the Human Blood by calling 408-298-1800.



I don’t believe vaccines are the answer. So what is?

Recommendations for Healthy Children

  • Tissue Mineral Analysis
  • Save Your Life Nutrition
  • Knowing the Glycemic Index of Foods
  • Building a Strong Immune System
  • Natural Herbal Cleanse Kits

Proper nutrition is the foundation to good health and a strong immune system. I find many children with poor nutrition documented by showing up with special testing as hypoglycemic, hyperglycemic and even pre-diabetic. These conditions can be corrected with specific treatment, the Save Your Life nutrition program and special natural nutritional supplements. We assist many children with health problems to return to excellent health. This includes:

ADD, ADHD, Weight Management, Skin Care Acne Programs, Eating Disorders and Emotional problems.

There is also natural Herbal Cleanse Kits available that have turned many patients lives.

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