Uterine & Breast Fibroid Tumors

The most common cause of breast and uterine fibroids is hormone imbalance. The hormone imbalance is usually too much Estrogen, a new term in hormone research called Estrogen Dominance When fibroids or fibroid tumors are developing in the breast or uterus consider estrogen dominance as the cause.

Common causes of estrogen dominance are estrogen prescriptions drugs and contraceptives. Woman beware, you are taking synthetic steroids. Unlike progesterone as a single hormone, there is many different estrogens that the body produces. Among the three estrogens most common, estroadiol is the most stimulating to the breast and estrange is the most stimulating to the uterus. Synthetic ethinylestradiol, commonly used in estrogen supplements and contraceptives is the contributing cause of estrogen dominance because these synthetic steroids are easily absorption in the mouth and slow metabolize and slow to be excreted from the body (long lasting). That's the reason the drugs work so well. Since these synthetic fake hormones do not exist anywhere in nature, the body did not make them and thereby the body cannot turn them off or get them out of the body.

A common chemical feature of estrogenic compounds is the phenol Ted A-ring of the molecule. This molecular phenomena becomes very important in understanding how petrochemical pollution in our environment is dramatically effecting our natural hormones, which can effect the genetic coding inside the nucleolus of our cells inside each of us. These extremely potent estrogenic compounds called xenoestrogens, are used as pesticides, herbicides, etc. in our environment and get into our food chain (see Eco Cancers, Science News 3 July 1993; 144:10-13).

It is clear that no matter how valuable you or your doctor thinks estrogen is, when unopposed by progesterone, it is not to be desired. Many undesirable side effects of estrogen dominance are effectively prevented by a balance of progesterone. With this fact in mind, there is only one way to help establish the essential hormone balance back into your body. The safest and most effective way available today is with natural progesterone. When sufficient natural progesterone is replaced, fibroid tumors stop growing and, in fact, they generally decrease is size. After menopause they will further atrophy.