Are You In A Panic Over HRT?

You deserve to read the Interview with Dr. Ross, D.C., author of Your Hormoneous Life, Secrets of Natural Progesterone.

Subject: Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) from an article published in the American Medical Association, July 17, 2002, No. 3, volume 288.

You've heard the news: Women in a national HRT study were suddenly told to stop taking the steroid drugs. What does this mean for you? Should you stop taking estrogen? What are the facts behind the headlines?

A branch of the Women's Health Initiative [study] was stopped earlier than anticipated, because the women who were taking Prempro, a combo Premarin and Provera, were found to have an increased risk of invasive breast cancer. And also increased risk of heart attack, strokes, and blood clots in the lungs. The risk however, was minimal, in that out of 10,000 women, they'd expect eight more cases of breast cancer than in the placebo group.

Dr. Ross, what exactly is Premarin and Provera?

Premarin is made from the urine of pregnant horses and Provera is a synthetic progesterone not found in the female human body.

Dr. Ross do you believe women should be taking these synthetic hormones?

No. That is why I wrote the book is to educate women on natural hormones that work well and how to take care of their bodies.

Dr. Ross, what was different about this particular study?

The Women's Health Initiative is paid by the taxpayers. Most earlier studies have been funded by the pharmaceuticals that make the hormones. All pharmaceutical hormones are not the same as your own estrogen and progesterone hormones produced from your own body. These synthetic drugs have side affects.

Dr. Ross, should I stop taking my prescription hormones cold turkey?

No you do not need to stop cold turkey and you do not need to panic. However, it is essential to follow a specific program:

A recommended program is 3 months to get off the synthetic hormones while you add natural hormones that do not have deadly side-effects. I recommend a course of treatment with natural hormones that has worked for hundreds of my patients in the past.

Dr. Ross, what hormones do I need to take?

Good Question. To gain more knowledge you deserve to take the Estrogen Dominant Test.

Is it safer to take Estrogen, Progesterone or both?

Natural Progesterone is the safest hormone to take and sometimes no Estrogen is needed unless you have continual chronic vaginal dryness.

First, take natural Progesterone for one month, which can be purchased at the Life Center, to see if that solves the vaginal dryness. If it does not help the vaginal dryness, then take a natural Estrogen. There is natural whole food concentrates for natural hormone replacement that we offer.

Dr. Ross, why do hormones go out of balance in the first place?

Whenever one’s hormones are out of balance that means there is liver, thyroid, and adrenal organ problems. In twenty years of practice there is only one way to get those organs turned back on and that is a natural Herbal Cleanse program for the liver and adrenals.

3. Once you begin the natural Herbal Cleanse program for one week and you feel OK, you can start taking natural progesterone cream

Dr. Ross, what if you've had a total hysterectomy -- does it apply the same?

Yes, even more so. When the ovaries are gone, the adrenals take over hormone production if they are not stressed. Stressed Adrenals can be restored to health with complete natural nutrition.

Dr. Ross how do you tell if the adrenals are stressed.

Two ways. One with a cortisol blood test, which is expensive. And second a more cost effective was is Dr. Ross’s Stress and Health Test. If you find that test positive, then you deserve to follow the natural Herbal Cleanse program to turn back on the adrenal glands to produce natural hormones, increase your energy, stop pain and weight management will be easy as 1,2,3.