What Hormone Do I Need?

Take the Estrogen Dominance Test:

Y / N - Have you had Unexplained Weight Gain?
Y / N - Do you have or suspect Decreased Thyroid Function?
Y / N - Are you suffering from Depression and/or Headaches?
Y / N - Are you experiencing Water Retention?
Y / N - Are you tired 2 hours after eating ?(Hypoglycemia)
Y / N - Do you seem tired or sluggish much of the time?
Y / N - Has your Sex Drive decreased?
Y / N - do you Bruise Easy and/or do Cuts seem to Heal Slower than normal?
Y / N - Are you experiencing Excessive Blood Clotting During Menses?
Y / N - Do your breast seem tender and/or are there lumps present?
Y / N - Do you have Varicous Veins?
Y / N - Do you experience Spotting and/or Excessive Bleeding During Menses
Y / N - Do you experience Painful Menses?
Y / N - Co you experience Cramping during Menses?
Y / N - Are you having Infertility Problems?
Y / N - Do you Bones Ache and/or do you your joints ache including heal spurs?
If you answered six (6) or more with a Yes you are Estrogen Dominant and need to read the book "Your Hormoneous Life" by Dr. Calvin B. Ross, D.C., B.E.C.O., CSL.

Now with this newly gained knowledge of Estrogen Dominance you can now help yourself because the cause of your problem has now been identified. What does that really mean?

Estrogen Dominance means you do have TOO MUCH estrogen. The CAUSE of estrogen dominating your hormone balance is you DO NOT produce enough PROGESTERONE. The happens either because are not ovulating or after menopause your progesterone drops close to zero depending on the health of your kidney's and adrenal glands. Do the Ross Stress and Health Test to determine the strength of your Adrenals. You now know estrogen is out of balance and you also know understand more about your hormone imbalance than most doctors!

During the menstrual cycle progesterone (or see menopauses next paragraph) is produced by the corpus luteum. Progesterone production dominates the second half of the menstrual cycle after ovulation occurs around the 14th day when Progesterone reaches a peak of about 20 mg per day and dominates the later half of your menstrual cycle. Progesterone is such a powerful hormone that it even has a thermogenic effect on your entire body causing a rise of body temperature of about 1 degree Fahrenheit. You can take this measurement and you can use it to diagnose if you are ovulating. You must determine if you are ovulating and thereby producing Progesterone. If you are not ovulating you have found your problem. A simple BASAL thermometer can be purchased at you local drug store. Instructions are provided with the BASAL thermometer. If you are not ovulating you are Estrogen Dominant.

During menopause progesterone production ceases. Without progesterone the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance is easily observed. Many women experience unexplained weight gain from the lack of progesterone that is required for proper thyroid function.

It is important you understand there is only one Natural Progesterone that is made by the human body. Nature has provided for us a natural progesterone look a like that comes from Wild Yam called diosgenin that is a precursor to pregnenolone which makes progesterone. Do not be fooled into taking the man make look a likes made by the drug industry called - PROGESTINS. Although these drugs are commonly referred to as progesterone, they are unnatural synthetic steroids not found in nature and have serious and dangerous side effects. They gravely interfere with natural progesterone and can create hormone related health problems and are a primary factor in causing Estrogen Dominance.

When the above test results of Estrogen Dominance is compared to the benefits of Natural Progesterone, one can easily see a direct relationship.