Fertility and Natural Progesterone

Progesterone is to fertility as water is to life. The sex hormone progesterone is absolutely essential for fertility and essential for the survival of the fertilized egg.

When ovulation occurs, progesterone levels jump from 2-3 mg/day to an average of 22 mg. per day, peaking as high as 30 mg/day. If fertilization does not occur in ten or twelve days following ovulation, progesterone levels quickly fall, which brings on menses.

When the magic of fertilization happens and the miracle of life occurs within the womb, the placenta becomes a progesterone manufacturing factory, secreting an ever increasing supply of progesterone, reaching 300-400 mg/day during the third trimester of pregnancy! Have you ever noticed the happy glow of a healthy mother to be? She feels great with all that progesterone racing around in her blood. It's that extra ten pound bulge (the fetus) in the middle that slows her down.

Turning on the Sex Hormones for Fertility

If you are feeling depressed because you want a family and nothing seems to be working. Maybe you have even suffered one or more miscarriages? Well don't worry any longer because help is here with the book, "Your Hormoneous Life," which helps you figure out why your hormones are not turned on. If you have taken contraceptive pills, that is the number one cause of infertility because the synthetic steroids innocently named "the pill" changes your progesterone hormone balance artificially.

The first thing you need to do is get your hormones in balance and get healthy. A priority list to make this happen is as follows:

  1. Take a natural progesterone cream the works.
  2. Poly-unsaturated fats is essential to build hormones. A natural fish oil, primrose, borage, hemp, etc. All natural steroids (hormones) are made in the body from those good fats.
  3. The Low-Carb Nutrition Master Plan with sufficient protein is essential. The most important amino acid is methionene. It is only found naturally in high quantities in red meat. If your not too healthy, feeling tired, sick, depressed then your protein is probably too low. Three ounces three times a week is sufficient. If you have gone into a vegetarian and or a high carbohydrate low fat type diet, that's your problem.
  4. A Natural Progesterone hormone supplement is usually a good choice to help balance your hormones naturally.
  5. If you want a quick diagnosis regarding your body's progesterone production, simply have your doctor order a serum blood test or there is new saliva progesterone tests available. Call 1-800-386-3929 to order your kit today. The best time to check progesterone levels is during the days of your menstrual cycle. A new technology for a saliva progesterone test is available from the Life Center For Health. Another easy was to check to see if you are ovulating and thereby producing progesterone is purchase a basal thermometer from your local drug store. It comes with instructions how to check to see if you are ovulating. If you have been getting sick, catching flu's, cold's, or have consistent fatigue, etc. you probably have viruses under minding your immune system and antibiotics won't kill them. A good natural choice for killing germs beyond antibiotics is Natural Products. To make sure your adrenals are turned on 100% and to boost your energy and immune system is a natural herbal kidney cleanse that dissolves all seven types of kidney stones and cleans up the adrenal's that sit on top of the kidney's. When is the last time you cleaned out your FILTERS? Well no body ever told you how important it was or how to do it. With new technology from around the world on the information super hi way, we now have the technology. The kidney's filter one fourth of the blood that leaves the heart at all times. They miraculously keep the blood at 7.2 pH. If the blood goes slightly low you will go into a coma, If it goes slightly high you will go into tetany. Get those kidney's cleaned and feel the power of life return ! Once you have the kidney's and adrenal's turned on after the herbal kidney cleanse, you can clean out the most important organ in the body. Your LIVER.

Everyone has known of someone who had a gall bladder attack and so had their gall bladder removed. Well where did those gall bladder stones come from? They came from the liver bile ducts. If you are sick you will get out over 2,000 stones in several consecutive liver cleanses.

When you start taking natural hormones, made some simple diet changes, completed effective herb formula's for killing pathogens, natural herbal cleanses for healing, the natural hormone functions of ovulation and sperm count will all be turned on. Fertility is a natural phenomena of nature if nature is all working. Fertilization does not need a synthetic drug to turn it on. With these natural techniques, three to six months and you will be on your way in turning on the miracle of life within the womb!