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Thyroid, Progesterone and Weight Control

Your Thyroid can easily be checked with a basal thermometer to measure your normal skin temperature between 97.6 and 98.4. The skin is the largest organ in your body and is the best way to measure your potassium iodine and Iodide to assist in bringing your Thyroid into proper mineral balance to raise your metabolism causing automatic permanent weight loss.

Progesterone is manufactured in the adrenal glands and in the overies in woman just prior to ovulation. Progesterone dominates the second half of the female menstrual cycle (unless PMS is present then you have Estrogen Dominance Syndrome).

All Hormones are made from cholesterol. It starts with Pregnenolone then Progesterone and then comes ALL the other SEX HORMONES, the essential adrenal corticosteroids in the body, including DHEA.

Dr. A. Schwartz, a researcher at Temple University, has now proven, DHEA's effectiveness in weight control. DHEA's ability to block an enzyme named G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenase) may be one of the most significant finds of the century. This enzyme is not only essential for fat tissue production but also promotes cancer cell growth. By blocking it, DHEA's action of reducing body fat and helping to prevent against cancer may be explained. DHEA's weight control effect does not seem to be so diet dependent.

I Can't Lose Weight ------ WOMEN BEWARE

Natural potassium iodide and Iodine minerals are the first treatment that is safe and very effective. Some patients feel results in minutes. Your Thyroid controls your hormone cycle balance.

Women beware if your doctor has prescribed hormone replacement therapy. You are taking synthetic steroids. One of the most predominate SIDE EFFECTS from both estrogen and the progestins not sufficiently recognized by physicians is their effect on hypertension. Research has been extensive on the effects of estrogens and progestins on salt and water retention. You blow up like a balloon for no apparent reason. Here is how it works.

Under certain conditions of health, our cell's will selectively transfer potassium and magnesium into the cell to protect against salt intake. It has been know at least 20 years (since 1972) that estrogen promotes salt and water retention, thus increasing the risk of hypertension and that oral contraceptives cause the kidney's to produce a hormone called Renin which tells the adrenals to produce another hormone , which in turn tells the kidney's to absorb more sodium and lose important potassium. This kidney and adrenal hormone imbalance increases arterial pressure. If the hormone balance continues, it has an opposite affect and arterial pressure decreasing arterial pressure and you can go unconscious.

Natural progesterone on the other hand, is known to cause sodium reduction and balance the kidneys and adrenal hormones, maintaining a balance in water retention. If you have water retention and you are taking synthetic hormones you will have a very difficult time (almost impossible ) losing that water because your hormones are controlling the weight. To insure proper kidney and adrenal function you should do the Natural Medicine Herbal Medicine Detox Program and tissue mineral analysis.

There is seven types of stones that develop inside the kidney's which block proper blood flow and essential filtration of the blood. Soda pop and tea are at the top of the list in clogging the kidney's with stones. The mineral phosphorus acid (the fizz) from soda pop and oxalic acid in tea must be pulled out tot the alkaline blood (7.2 pH) to keep your blood perfectly balanced. Other foods that cause kidney stones are high carbohydrates (too much phosphorus) and chocolate, etc. The kidney and adrenal cleanse takes just 21 days and your kidney's and adrenals will be working much better. The weight loss, anti-inflammation action, pain reduction, immune boost and increased energy from the adrenals turning back on will be wonderful sensation. A feeling of being back in control of your destiny in life.

Progesterone & Aging

Progesterone is the mother hormone and produces DHEA, which is abundant in our bodies when about 20 years old, but then continues to decrease with time. By 80 years of age, research reveals we only produce abut 10 to 20 percent of the amount of hormones when we were in our 20's. Interestingly, the steady declining levels of DHEA in our blood stream as we age matches perfectly the increasing incidence of the killer diseases like cancer, heart disease (including arteriosclerosis), and Alzheimer's disease.

Much research has shown the major importance of hormone levels in the prevention of these kinds of disease.

For example, a 1988 study at Johns Hopkins showed a 50 percent reduction in arterial plaque in rabbits. A Temple University study showed that one of these supplemental hormones, DHEA was able to prevent breast cancer in mice that were prone to develop it. The studies also showed it helped prevent lung and bowel tumors, plus the extra bonus of life extension. A study in Guernsey, U.K. showed women destined to develop breast cancer had low hormones, including DHEA levels up to nine years previous. Doctors at the Medical College of Virginia showed lower DHEA levels were associated with build up of atherosclerotic plaque and that higher insulin levels from the ingestion of simple carbohydrate caused a reduction of hormones, including DHEA levels in the body. Maintaining optimum hormone levels in the body has been shown to be important in improving memory, preventing Alzheimer's disease and degenerative osteoporosis in post-menopausal women.

A twelve year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine in 1986 (315,1519-24) reported that of the 242 men aged 50-79 studied: "A 100 microgram per deciliter increase in DHEA sulfate concentration corresponded with a 48% reduction in mortality due to cardiovascular disease and a 36% reduction in mortality for any reason. The natural level of DHEA sulfate was measured and those individuals with higher DHEA sulfate levels lived longer and had much lower risk of heart disease."

Dioscorea, Progesterone and DHEA

Thousands of people are now supplementing with natural wild yam (pregnenolone) that provides the nutritional precursors from progesterone to DHEA. The keen observation of the people like the Trobiand Islanders in south east New Guinea who are generally slim, happy, healthy, and enjoy a rather vigorous sexual life all from a diet dedicated to a special species of wild yams (See National Geographic, July 1992).

Women Beware

Women Beware that when you take pharmaceutical DHEA you will increase your hormonal imbalance because DHEA bypasses progesterone which balances ALL other hormones. The plant Dioscorea villosa commonly called Dioscorea, also known as the Mexican Yam or Wild Yam, contains diosgenin and other precursors that serve as the basis for your body's production of natural Progesterone, DHEA , estrogen and all the corticosteroids for the adrenals. By providing your body with these natural nutritional substances (diosgenin) your body will take from the earth to assist natural hormones.

Dr. Ross

Author: Your Hormoneous Life the secretes of natural progesterone.

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