Modern Medicine v. Natural Medicine!

Natural Medicine Healing began in Egypt

In translation of Egyption papyrus from the Temple of Edfu back to 4500 BCE, reveal their amazing embalming process used cedar wood, myrrh and frankincense blended by the high priest to make natural therapeutic formulas for their sacramental ceremonies.

The First Recorded Father of Real Medicine was Imhotep not Hypocrites

The name Imhotep means "He who comethe in peace." Imnotep was born about 3000 BCE and became one of the most brilliant men in all Egypt revered as a god of medicine who has many bronze statuettes, temples and sanatoria bearing his name. Sanatoria today means hospitals, clinics, spas and health resorts. His distinguished titles included a priest, the king's physician, architect, sage (wise and learned), scribe, astronomer, prime minister, and with so many atributes he was viewed in his day as a magician. He wrote the ancient Egyptian medical text named the Edwin Smith Papyrus so named after the dealer who purchased it in 1862.

Imhotep ushered in the use of oils, herbs, and mother nature's fragrant pharmacy for the purposes of natural healing. The physicians of Ionia Attia and Crete came to the cities of the Nile to increase their knowledge. At this time, the school of Cas was founded and was attended by Hypocrites or Hippocrates (460 to 377 BCE), whom the Greeks, in their enthusiasm and with some exaggeration, named the "Father of Medicine." History easily reveals that Hippocrates was not the Father of Medicine.

History easily reveals that Hippocrates was not the Father of Medicine but only a student who exploited and taught many of the things already being practiced and discovered. He wrote at least 70 books on healing. He strongly emphasized the healing power of nature the importance of rest, fresh air, sunlight, proper diet, exercise in moderation, cleanliness, and tissue manipulation. It is very sad that the Hippocratic Oath is publicly administered to medical students upon graduation from medical schools, however the practice of medicine is far from what Hippocrates taught. "Proper nutrition," he did teach, but today this attention to nutrition is NOT TAUGHT (only available as an alternative elective) in medical school. The pharmaceutical industry produces patented drugs, these have completely foreign (manmade) chemicals to all living ecosystems on planet earth, all of which have side effects!

Furthermore, Imhotep "invented" and was the "architect" for the first step pyramid built by Pharaoh Djoser at Saqqara.He died about 2,850 BCE and was made a demigod. His tomb hear Memphis became a sacred place and the site of pilgrimages for those seeeking a cure. About 525 BCE, Imhotep emerged as a full deity of medicine and he reigned as such until 550 AD when the Roman Emperor, Justinian, put an end to the worship of Egyptian deities, destroyed the temples and decreed Christianity as the religion of state. Wat a disastrous historical atrocity crime. (Syllabus of the History ofr Medicine - Imhotep: World's first physician known by name; Clifford C. Snyder, MD).

May the Real Doctor Please Stand-up!

Recent discoveries document the actual Truth is the new form of ALTERNATIVE Medicine or unnatural medicine use alternative pharmeceutical medicine with new severe known side effects. All Natural Medicine is everything that heals comes from Nature existing from all generations of humankind since the beginning of recorded time 6,500 years ago.

Modern Day Discoveries Reveal The Real Truth About Healing

The fact is In 1817 the Ebers Papyrus was discovered, which was over 870 feet long and was referred to as the therapeutic and curative scroll documented over 800 different formulations of herbal formulas and herbal remedies referencing other scrolls indicating great success in Egyptians treating 81 different diseases dating back to 1500 BCE.

Upon opening King Tut's tomb in 1922 is the amazing fact 350 liters of oils were discovered in alabaster jars in excellent condition after thousands of years.

The migrated of people across Europe carried with them the knowledge and benefits of specific herbs from their native lands like like China, India and some Arab nations who preserved healing knowledge in understanding the use of Natural Medicine herbs including essential oils.

The Decline and Fall of Modern Medicine

Natural Healing is gaining great momentum with the publics increased knowledge of its tremendous benefits, because DRUGS DO NOT HEAL. Synthetic chemical drugs only change symptoms as revealed by medicine itself.

The twentieth century has brought a new enlightenment to this ancient art. During the turn of the century, French chemist and author, Dr. Gattefosse, brought about a renewed interest. He studied and documented essential oils and their healing properties. He discovered that different applications had antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects. He experimented with these discoveries on soldiers during World War I. Lavender was used to decrease pain. Lemon, clove and chamomile were used as disinfectants. The applications were carried on to the Second World War, where doctors used oils to prevent gangrene and speed healing.

The Real Truth About GERMS and DRUGS!

"Drugs like sulfa and penicillin... neither kill nor neutralize their toxins. They merely prevent germs from multiplying, so that the body can fight them on even terms." (Life, November 5, 1945)
Medicines "germ theory" and their falsely claimed "Killer Drugs", is a totally dead issue. "Smart Bugs," which are now running rampant throughout the world because of the over use of antibiotics. Only natural herbs and specific essential oils work well!


"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and the cause and prevention of disease."