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Dear Dr. Ross,

Rarely does one see a life-long problem disappear without a trace, but I am writing to share such an experience with you.
I want to thank you for sharing the information on your Natural Herbal Medicine Detox program, especially the liver flush with me and tell you what a profound affect it has had on my life.

Since as far back as I can remember I suffered with severe seasonal allergies. I remember beginning a daily regimen of prescription drugs from the age of seven to try to combat the symptoms. Unfortunately, the antihistamines were not effective enough to allow me to always breathe normally, and I did experience the side affects of drowsiness as well as other negative results from the drugs. As I aged my allergies only seemed to worsen, with debilitating attacks occurring nearly every week. My work was impacted as well as my social life, and the modern drugs did not even bring total relief.

You told me about a liver cleansing program, which seemed such a simple thing to try after all I had been through.
The first time I did a liver cleanse I was 30 years old. What a dramatic affect it had! I felt better in more ways than I had even hoped for. The allergies were lessened significantly and I gained a much better sense of well being. I noticed that I got several stones out that were plugging up my liver, but did not find a large number eliminated at first.

I did another liver cleanse soon after the first and this time I estimated hundreds of stones were eliminated, some of them quite a bit larger than I had seen before. My allergies were nearly eliminated entirely and I would only have an attack about every two or three months. I was so much happier to be breathing easier, but it was not until this last year that I realized I have not had an attack at all. I am now 34 years old and have probably done seven liver cleanses since you introduced it to me. My last allergy attack was almost a year ago now and I believe I am 100% over that old life-long problem.

Thank you for sharing this powerful truth with me.

Genuinely, Vince Novo
Dana Point, California

May 15, 2003

Dear Dr. Ross,

I wanted to say how appreciative I am that you have completely cured my cholesterol problem with no drugs or magic potions. My family has a history of heart problems and many including my father died of heart attacks. After trying the conventional medicines of Zocor and Lipotor with minimal success at reducing the cholesterol level, but with increasing joint problems, I came to you. Your method of diet and liver flushing seemed to make sense so I followed the rules to the letter. After just two months, not only was my cholesterol back to normal but I had also lost 20 pounds. My GP was so excited at the results that he could not believe the effect the Zocor had had, in fact he said it was the best results he had ever seen. I did not have the heart to tell him that I had stopped taking those drugs months before due to joint problems. One year later my weight is still off and even better, I recently had a retest from the life insurance people, and I was given a clean bill of health where I was previously a T-3 due to my cholesterol problems. I have included copies of my cholesterol results from before your treatment and after the treatment, it still amazes me to see the change. Thank you very much for everything.

Stephen Bick, CFA, CMA

Associate Managing Director Kroll, Inc.