Therapeutic Massage

Massage is very popular, however treating muscles is only half the treatment. Doctors and therapist get confused on why muscles over contract and cause pain.

The Big question is why do muscles tighten? This very important question is essential to understand if you plan on getting your chronic muscle pain gone.

Why do muscles contract? A good example is in the morning you sit up out and swing your legs off the bed. As soon as your feet hit the floor your extensor muscles immediately contract and push you up against gravity. Obviously your extensor muscles do not contract until you feet hit the floor. So what causes your extensor muscles to contract once your feet hit the floor?

The muscles contract due to the nervous system that controls your muscles. All your weight bearing joints including the 64 joints of your back and neck plus 2 sacroiliac joints, 2 hip joints, 2 knee joints, 2 ankle joints and the 26 bones of your feet ALL have sensory nerves the go to your brain the then caue you motor nerves to contract your muscles so you instantly stand up.

So that's exactly how it works. Your weight bearing joints cause your muscles to contract. That means the neuro-musculoskeletal system needs to work together. For example If you have muscle tension and you receive massage therapy only you will feel better for a short period of time then the same problem quickly returns. If you have muscle tension and get Chiropractic treatment only the muscles will calm down over time. If you receive proper Chiropractic care and massage you will feel much better and relief will be for a much longer time.

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